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Tea Tree Market Update - Feb 01, 2013

Will the elements hit supplies again?

For the second time in three years the major growing regions for Tea Tree has been the victim of severe flooding. Parts of Queensland and Northern New South Wales have seen record flood levels as well as damaging winds and tornadoes surpassing those broken just two years ago in early 2011.

During 2012 supplies had been limited due to excessive rains throughout the year hindering harvesting and producing significantly reduced yields so as we enter 2013 stocks are already limited. These recent floods will restrict those hoping for early harvests and has already affected the transportation of stocks from many farms now isolated from major road networks.

As the floods subside over the coming couple of weeks the true extent of any lingering damage will be seen, although at this stage we are optimistic the plantations won't be damaged however losses in yields may be the cause of reduced volumes once again.

As Australia's largest exporter of Pure Tea Tree you can continue to follow the market updates on our website or in person by contacting our Trading Team.

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