François-Merle-Baudoin (Perfumer)

Born in Grasse, France, Francois is a 5th Generation French Perfumer. Not only has Francois got a wealth of experience, his family has great credentials too with his Grandfather creating the World renowned Anais Anais.

During his career, spanning over 25 years, Francois has successfully worked for Colgate Palmolivr, Bush Boake Allen (now IFF) and more recently SARL Creative Scents & SARL Creations & Parfums.


Tin Tran (Chief Chemist & Lab Manager)

Tin completed a PhD. Degree at RMIT University, majoring in Analytical Chemistry – Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS). Tin has worked as a GC-MS Method Development and Senior Analyst at an Environmental Laboratory prior to joining abp in 2008.

His experience in GC-MS as well as his knowledge of the chemical compositions of essential oils puts us in the right position to purchase the highest quality products available on the market. Most importantly Tin's experience coupled with our extensive library of molecules makes ABP one of the best in the business in identifying adulterated oils.

Tin also took on the responsibility of Lab Manager in March 2012.