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Black Pepper Market Update - Jan 08, 2013

Black Pepper prices remain firm but stable as the market starts to trade again after the festive period break. In India the crop projections are very mixed which is clouding the judgement of those forecasting on future prices and it's expected many major buyers are waiting late to buy to see what will happen. This could create many false market conditions with the fear as always when the first majors buy the market will panic and prices rise. It will be an interesting few weeks as the Indian harvests start and the market watches in anticipation.

Outside of India the Sri Lankan crop has been a complete failure after persistent rains have damaged crops, which will mean a poor output during the traditional May/June harvest period. In Vietnam (now the largest producer of Black Pepper) harvesting will start in February and the crop projections are good whilst in Indonesia stocks for this time of year appear low and with the crop not expected until August it is likely those with stocks will try to sell at higher prices over the next couple of months.

ABP offer two qualities of Black Pepper to cover the broad range of our customer applications. One a Natural grade for Food/Flavour use (ABP code ESPEPPBN) and a pure grade (ABP code EOPEPPB) from the named botanical Piper nigrum for those seeking a AHN compliant quality.

Specifications can be downloaded below and quotations obtained by contacting our local sales team

Black Pepper Pure | Black Pepper Natural


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