IFEAT embraces the interests of the global flavour and fragrance industries worldwide. These sectors have vast turnovers, employ millions of people, and involve enterprises ranging from small family operations through to large multinationals, involved in essential oils production, aroma chemical manufacture, flavours and fragrance compounding, trading and consumer product manufacturing. The principal aim of IFEAT is the advancement and protection of the interests of its members in all parts of the world through international collaboration, the encouragement of good practice, the dissemination of information and provision of forums for discussion. A major activity is the annual IFEAT international conference, which has developed into the most important annual meeting of all stakeholders involved in the sectors, affording incomparable business and social contact opportunities.

In 2011 the conference was held in Barcelona and was the most successful conference to date with over 900 delegates attending. Click here to review the Barcelona Conference

This year - 2014 - the IFEAT conference is made up of 1000 delegates from a variety of 46 countries, covering the conference is our own Tim Harrow - Global Sales & Business Development Director. This year's annual conference will be held in Rome November 21st - 25th inclusive, which is a World stage for meeting with business partners, customers and suppliers. For more details on IFEAT and the Rome Conference please visit www.ifeat.org

Australian Certified Organic (ACO)

ABP are a Certified Organic Processor with the ACO and offer a wide variety of Organic Essential Oils.aco_logo_cropped.png

Organic systems work in harmony with nature, keeping harmful chemicals out of our land, water and air, creating a healthy environment rich in wildlife, woodlands and nutrients. The organic standards place great emphasis on building and maintaining healthy soil, nutritious crops and animal welfare.

Soil Fertility, Pest & Disease Controls, GMO's and Conservation are all driving factors in qualifying for ACO accreditation at our farms and the abp are an accredited processor maintaining those standards throughout our own Quality Assurance Programs. 


The Essential Oils Producers Association of Australia was inaugurated in 1994.

The Association’s main object is to promote and facilitate the production of essential oils and allied products in Australia by bringing together all parties working in this field, e.g. growers of essential oil bearing crops, producers of essential oils, firms trading in essential oils, researchers engaged in the study of the agronomic aspects of the commercial growing of essential oil bearing plants and the chemistry of essential oils, the pharmacology of essential oils as well as persons or companies intending to enter this industry.

A major function of EOPAA is to provide a unified approach of the industry as a whole, in dealings with government departments by presenting Government with EOPAA’s views and by providing expert advice and assistance with the framing of new regulations. Such assistance to be provided at a national level and where appropriate at an international level as well.

TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration)

ABP have on-site licenced TGA filling facilities which allows us to supply, fill and authenticate finished products carrying an AustL number. The TGA regularly audits our facilities and standard operating procedures to ensure we are fully compliant, a standard which we adopt throughout our whole business.

Maintaining these standards and ensuring the quality of our finished products and essential oils gives our customers across all industry sectors not only the reassurance but the guarentee of quality and authenticity in the products we supply.